Pie Charts on Postage Stamps

Pie charts on postage stamps

Click the link to see the handful of postage stamps that depict pie charts. ¬†Plus…if you’ve forgotten how those graphs are constructed, there’s a short explanation, too! ¬†Statistical graphics on postage stamps– what a great idea!

Growth charts on postage stamps have played a role in public health education.

Growth charts on postage stampsEthiopia 1986 child survival (2)

Please click on the link to read the article!

Population Histograms on Postage Stamps

Population histograms on postage stamps

Please click on the link to read about population histograms (also called population pyramids) that have appeared on postage stamps around the world!  This article was first published in Philamath, Journal of the Mathematical Study Unit of the American Topical Association, Vol 36:2, Oct. 2014. Information on the Mathematical Study Unit may be found at www.mathstamps.org .